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Join us for Summer Learning Fun!

We’d like to give many thanks to the Oley Valley Community Education Foundation for sponsoring our 2022 Summer Learning Program, as they have done for the past several years.

Summer Learning is held on Fridays at 10:30 am from June 17 – August 5 in Weidner Hall.

June 17 – Berks County Conservation District
A hands-on program that focuses on critters that live in our local habitat and how they play an important role in keeping our environment healthy.

Book of the Week: “On The Nature Trail”
Zoe: This is very good educational book and includes activities to do outside.
Lynda: This is a great field guide to plants and animals as well as a wealth of craft ideas and adventures to do with children. Worth many days of nature fun.

June 24 – Craft and STEM Day at the Library
Come to the library between 10:30-11:30 to have the opportunity to be creative using various craft supplies and STEM supplies. You may take home all of your creative projects.

Book of the Week: Ocean Animals for Kids
Zoe: This is a book for older kids and provides a lot of information about animals that live in the ocean. It would be useful for projects.
Lynda: This is a reference book about the ocean and sea life for older students.

July 1 – Ryan the Bug Man
The “BugMan” will introduce the audience to LIVE insects and will encourage everyone to touch or pet some of the world’s largest species of cockroaches and scorpions.

Book of the Week: The Very Curious Caterpillar
Zoe: This is a good book for younger kids learning to count.
Lynda: This is a story about one day in the life of a caterpillar for younger readers. It includes counting activities.

July 8 – Classroom Adventure Stories
Classroom Adventure Stories make the children in the audience the Stars of the Story! Come be a part of the “Pirate Adventure Story”.

Book of the Week: Jungle Adventure
Zoe: A fun book for first and second graders to use their imagination to create a jungle adventure. It includes choices on every page.
Lynda: Readers choose options on each page to make a fun jungle adventure. For middle readers.

July 15 – Music Play Patrol
Using our imaginations, we will explore the depths of the oceans through songs, interactive activities and a musical story.

Book of the Week: Wild Symphony
Zoe: This is a rhyming book that includes motivational quotes on every page. It includes an educational poem about an animal on each page.
Lynda: There is a music app that accompanies this book so that the reader can listen to music while reading poems about animals and learning small life lessons on each page.

July 22 – Folks Butterfly Farm
Come feed the butterflies! Learn about the metamorphic stages of the butterfly. After the presentation you will have an opportunity to feed the butterflies.

Book of the Week: Glass Wings
Zoe: This is a beautiful book for adults to read to children about a butterfly’s adventure in a city when she gets swept away by the wind.
Lynda: A beautifully illustrated book for middle readers or for parents to read aloud about a glass wing butterfly’s adventure. It includes a fact page about glass wings.

July 29 – Ancient Undersea: The Sea Reptile Show
Come and explore the life in the ancient seas 70 million years ago. You will meet Molly the Mosasaur, a fifteen-foot ancient undersea reptile.

Book of the Week: Lucy’s Lost in the Everglades
Zoe: This is about a snake that gets lost in a flood and learns about all the animals that live in the Everglades. Lynda: This book is for upper level readers. The story will take them into the Everglades and they will meet the animals that live there.

August 5 – Yocum Institute
The Yocum Institute is Berks County’s leader in community arts education. Enjoy a theater experience right here at the Oley Valley Community Library.

Book of the Week: Good Night, Ocean
Zoe: This book shows a lot of animals in the ocean and is educational.
Lynda: This is a great board book for parents to read to children that introduces a lot of sea life.

Lynda is a retired teacher from Oley Valley Elementary School who taught in the computer lab and in first grade. She loves reading, gardening, and going to the beach.

Zoe, who is best buds with her Grandmom, Lynda, will be going to Oley Valley Middle School this next school year. She also loves reading, bike riding, and going to the beach.

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