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Volunteer Opportunities at the Library!

Have you ever considered volunteering at the library? Would you like to help come up with fundraising ideas and implement them? We have opportunities for all ages and abilities. Summer is a great time to volunteer, especially for Oley students who may need required volunteer hours. Check out the options below to see which one you would be most interested in..

Book Pick Up

  1. Book Pick Up from the Oley Library for Fed Ex
    Fridays or Saturdays: Pick up boxes of books (usually 2-5 boxes at a time) from the library and take them to any FedEx Service Center to be shipped to the library consignment program. The boxes are already packaged, labeled and paid for.

You can call to see if we have any boxes that need to be picked up, or if you see any boxes stacked by the door when you are at the library, just let the librarian know if you’d be able to take them and drop them off at a FedEx Service Center.

In Library Volunteering

  1. Program Facilitators
    • Craft Night Leader – all craft supplies are provided, we are just looking for people who would be interested in helping the families and kids by giving instructions and helping with making the crafts if they need help.
  2. Inventory Check
    • STEM Kits, Games, and Puzzles – we need people to verify all parts/pieces are included in each, and clean items with disinfecting wipes.

Book Scanning

  1. We are looking for volunteers to help with book consignment scanning (entering the ISBN Number from each book into a Book Consignment program) from books that are donated & not able to be used by the library for one reason or another. Scanning should be done on Wednesdays during regular operating hours (10am-7pm).

Book Sales

  1. We need volunteers who would like to assist at the book sales themselves by straightening the tables, putting out more books, and volunteering as cashier.

You can sign up here for our next book sale on July 15: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0549a9a728a2f94-book14#/

Substitute Desk Clerk

From time-to-time we need a volunteer to work at the circulation desk when the person normally scheduled has an appointment, a meeting, is sick, or is on vacation. We are holding a training session on Saturday, June 24 from 11am-1pm for anyone who is interested in learning to do this.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities, or if you would like more information about joining the Oley Library Friends Group, please email jenschorr79@gmail.com.

  1. Mary Anne McCarthy says:

    Is the volunteer training June 22,2024 (Saturday)?

    • Jasmine Bryant says:

      Good afternoon! And no, we are not having training on this day. This post is old from last year. If you would like to train to volunteer, you can stop by the library or call us, and visit at your convenience! Thank you!

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