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Book Review: “The Last Thing He Told Me” by Laura Dave

Review by Jennifer Schorr

The first shelf I browse when I visit the Oley Library is the new book shelf at the circulation desk, and when I saw “The Last Thing He Told Me,” saw it was a Reese’s Book Club book, and read the synopsis, it had me hooked.

The book easily captivated my attention when the book jumped right into the heart of the mystery in the very first chapter. Hannah answers a knock at the door, only to discover a 12-year-old girl she doesn’t know, who hands her a mysterious note from her husband, which reads, “Protect her.” Combine that with the duffel bag stuffed with cash that her step-daughter, Bailey, finds in her locker, and the plot thickens.

Hannah learns on the news that the company her husband, Owen, works for is involved in a major tech scheme with his boss being arrested by the FBI. Then Owen doesn’t return home, nor does he answer his phone. All that is left is that note, the bag full of money, and two people questioning why. Luckily for the reader, they are not the type to sit around and wait for answers to come to them. They go looking to figure out why for themselves, and soon discover that Owen is not who they both thought he was.

The book kept me engaged and wondering what was going to happen next from cover to cover. While I found the overall storyline to be a bit far-fetched, I still very much enjoyed it, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a book full of suspense/mystery with the heart of the novel being about the importance of family.

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