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New this Month at the Library: September 2022

These books have been added to our collection and are ready for you to borrow:

Shout NO!: A Child’s Rhyme About Tricky People…And What To Do

“NO ONE should EVER do something to a child that makes them feel uncomfortable…or that isn’t right! Not a stranger. Not a friend. Not a family member. NO ONE! The knowledge in this book could potentially save a child from an unsafe situation! The charming illustrations will engage young readers while keeping the emphasis on the important words they will see and hear. This book should be used as both a simple guide for very young children, as well as a jumping off point for further conversations as they grow.”

What Can I Say?: A Kid’s Guide to Super-Useful Social Skills to Help You Get Along and Express Yourself; Speak Up, Speak Out, Talk about Hard Things, and Be a Good Friend

“Middle school is an essential time to learn and practice social skills, including how to get along with others, talk about hard things, be an ally, and a good friend. In What Can I Say?,Catherine Newman, author of the bestseller How to Be a Person, provides supportive guidance and instruction to help kids establish or and maintain meaningful relationships and effective communication with friends, teachers, family members, and others in their communities. Talking the talk can be tricky, and every page of this super-useful book provides easy, accessible scripts and guidance on the right thing to say in all kinds of situations, from how to be inclusive, listen, give advice, argue, stick up for yourself, and ask for help to how to turn down a date, express sympathy, deal with offensive comments, respond to bullying, and be trustworthy.”

The Golden Girls: Goodnight, Girls

“Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose are having a sleepover! And, of course, they are having too much fun to go to sleep. As Ma tries to get them to settle down, the girls enjoy some cheesecake in the kitchen, try on their dress-up clothes, sing and dance, and say goodnight to their friends Stan and Miles. Finally, after taking a bath and putting on their pj’s, they all squeeze into bed and listen to one of Ma’s Sicily stories before they drift off together.”

Nasty people: How to Stop Being Hurt by Them Without Becoming One of Them

“Fourteen years since its first publication, the bestsellerNasty People has been revised and updated to cover the motivations of nasty people, how to avoid confrontation with a nasty boss, how to handle a nasty spouse, and much more, including:

~ How to break the cycle of nastiness
~ A new understanding of personality disorders and depression
~ Narcissism, nasty behavior, and self-doubt
~ Nasty people and self-validation
~ The role adrenaline plays in nasty behavior and our responses to it.”

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